Monica Murray Home
I believe that the key to a beautiful home is creating a warm, inviting space that speaks to who you are. My design wish for my client is that when they enter their home they feel a calm and warmth that they have arrived at their favorite place. In order to make this wish a reality I embrace three key design philosophies when creating a client's dream home:

Be Nostalgic and Be Green
Never start from scratch. Always look to see what you already have first. Starting with what is already there allows you to marry the story of your family's past with the story of your future. You will be surprised how many good memories you will invoke on a day-to-day basis if you recover your mom's "old" wing chair with a more modern fabric.

Be Eclectic
Steer away from a one-dimensional showroom look. I love to mix styles, and the result takes the design to a more personal level. No one has just one facet of their personality, especially a home shared by lots of personalities. If you are cottage chic and your spouse loves industrial, don't be afraid to meld and create something unique.

Shoot for the Stars
Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their home. Always have a dream piece in mind when decorating. I love to find creative ways to allow clients to achieve their dreams in a space on any budget. Let your luxury items inspire you in creating your space.
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